Betty Who - All Of You (Dave Edwards Remix)

6/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Well that is just the best pic ever. WHERE can I acquire one of those giant yellow phones?? I would just take selfies next to it all day and send them to my friends with captions like "HELP I WOKE UP SO TINY" and "CAN'T GET DOWN FROM BED BRING A SHRINKY DINK LADDER**" Betty Who, you better have done that. Even if you didn't, I forgive you because your song rules. To be honest, I don't know what the original sounds like, but you and Dave Edwards have partnered beautifully here. Or maybe I am just blinded by house piano. Seriously if you throw that shit in a song it's over for me. It's like a musical version of a golden retriever puppy. And those clapssssss. All great things. Also her voice is very solid. I think the first time we wrote about her we said "love child of Katy Perry and MS MR". I stand by that statement. And Billboard has been instagramming her like a middle schooler instas their friends with the captions "BFF 4 LIFE" unironically (AKA A LOT), so I expect the music industry feels the same way. I wish you great success Betty Who! Also shoutout to these cheeky lyrics: "Drive me crazy, then you drive me home"

***side note: plz know that I actually require a ladder to descend from my bed. 8 days a week yall.And I am a normal sized human.