Big Data- The Business of Emotion (Viceroy's Happier Hour Remix)

6/26/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I feel like everything Viceroy touches turns to like palm trees and conch shells. Homeboy captures the summer sound so effortlessly that he's even crowned himself the "Sultan of Summer". Although, is that really something people call him or is it kind of just a Benjamin Wade/ Dragon-Slayer situation??

I'm also just like uber confused with the cover art. Although this track is labelled "Viceroy's Happier Hour Remix" I hear that the working title for this project was actually "Viceroy Sold His Fucking Soul 2 Taco Bell Remix". That didn't poll very well doe. Like congrats on being the new face of Taco Bell, I guess, Viceroy. Although you're literally filling the tiniest of shoes. Like did the Taco Bell marketing team just immediately think of the self-proclaimed Sultan when brainstorming a replacement for their 6lb, hairless chihuahua spokespuppy*?

Brand promotion and Viceroy's delusions of Middle-Eastern grandeur aside, this track exudes good vibes left & right. Except, blergh, I can't tell if the saxophone is, like, too much, yah know? I think that might have been one too many additions, Viceroy. But I'm fucking LOVING the "When I Come Around" Green Day guitar in the v. beginning and it's honestly been wayyyy too long since Big Data made an appearance on this blog. Although does this mean that Taco Bell is the thing making Big Data "feel good" in the song? Cause if so, I H8 HUMANITY but also, I kinda get it; People go fucking nuts for Baja Blast and a taco that tastes like Doritos. Srsly, Baja Blast has had higher approval ratings than Obama every year since he was voted into office in '08**.

*also, is it sad that I have nostalgia for a fast-food commercial? #probably #stilltearingup #BrewserWoods4ever

**okay, so this statement hasn't been fact-checked, but, honestly, it's not hard to have a better approval rating than bobblehead Barack (that's honestly not even supposed to be a political diss. To me, the subject of politics is like the gym. I just don't go there. But Obams was born with an overly-rotund cranium, a stick-like bodily figure and a real goofy-looking smile which are all common characteristics for a bobblehead figurine. So lets get #bobbleheadBarack trending on twitter and make t4L FAMOUS so we can sell out like Viceroy and cut a deal with like Dairy Queen or something.)