Demo Taped - Not Enough

6/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Warning: the music doesn't start on this track until approximately half a minute in. DO NOT WORRY, you haven't gone deaf. Persevere*** past these 30 seconds, because you are in for a magical treat. "Not Enough" is the poppy electronic jam of my dreams. Upbeat synths, twinkly keyboard accompaniment, and slightly amateaurish male vocals (I swear that's a compliment). What more could I ask for? And check this, Adam Alexander is 17 years old. Sigh. Y2K bb. Adam, you are killing the 17 year old game. I was surrounded by a lot of them this weekend, and they were mostly dressed slutty and instagramming selfies. So props for that. You probably live in your Mom's house, and you should! Back to the tune, a lot of bloggers are bringing up Jai Paul. I see that comparison. But call me crazy (many have), something about this guy's voice reminds me of Sufjan Stevens. Minus, you know, the warbling about depressing religious themes and the state of Michigan. Demo Taped, I await your next song!!

***had to pause for a longggg time to write that word. I feel like that's hardest word you learn in 3rd grade. And there's a lot of shit I forgot from that year. Like half my times tables. And the capital of Vermont. Don't be sad for me, I have Google.