Dragonette- Let the Night Fall

6/19/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

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Dragonette labels this track as "basement pop" which basically just means a song that sounds just as good sober as it does when you're on the edge of your weekly Saturday blackout. You may think this is a broad way to categorize music, but you'd be surprised how many songs only sound good when you're over 50% obliterated. For instance, Deadmau5 always seems like a good idea when it's 3:30 am and you're half a handle of Jose deep, but when I listen to it sober I feel as deaf and disoriented as Brick Tamland:


But, with it's saccharine vocals and overall good vibes, "Let the Night Fall" is one of the few hidden gems that sounds equally fantastic, sober or turnt. In short, this track is literally the essence of summer and who doesn't want to be reminded of the happiest of the seasons?? Listening to it immediately transports me to a sunny beach like I'm Kimmy Schmidt in Nick Kroll's spin class:


The four-on-the-floor beat is infectious AF and the whole track just screams for people to dance like no one's watching.

Whether you're that creepy dude whose alone at the club but still has "sick" moves to show off:


Or you're at home, victory-dancing with your bestie:


"Let the Night Fall" is literally the perfect song for every occasion! (okay, but maybe leave it off ur gr8 aunt's funeral playlist...)

The slow build in the beginning is EVERYTHING. By the time the drums kick in you're more ready to rock out than J.Law in American Hustle:

(honestly if I'm drunk enough and this comes on at the club, there is a 95% chance I will channel my inner Mrs. Rosenfield when the beat drops and dance like whatever is going on here):


It will be embarrassing and my glutes with hurt like HELL in the morning from all the squatting. But, in the moment, with Dragonette's fun, warm synth filling the air around me, it will have seemed totally worth it.

Finally, I have to just add that lyrically, this song kills it. Dragonette is so on-point with their cravings for "scotch and sun", "stupid fun" and "smoking some" it's literally like they asked me what my ideal summer would consist of and then worked that into their most recent single. So thanku Dragonette! I didn't know my soul-mate would come in the form of a musically-gifted, Torontonian trio, but what we like to do for fun seems so in-sync that all I can think is: