*RELEASE* Hudson Mohawke- Very First Breath (LTMR Remix)

6/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Welcome to the return of the remix! Lol that we haven't blogged an unoriginal since May 6th (we rock at music blogging), but if you read our govBall coverage you'll understand why: we've been feeling old as shit lately and old ppl simply don't listen to remixes. Sry I gave in and conformed to my brittle bones when amongst flower-crowned 15-yr-olds awkwardly hitting on each other, but this LTMR remix has definitely pulled me out of this feeling-old funk!

His latest track, released yesterday, is the perfect example of how a good remixer can take even the shittiest original track and turn it into an infectious, good-vibes ditty. It's just a gift that both I and DJEarworm** do not possess. LaTiMeR is a different story, however. I only made it :37 seconds into the original before having to relieve my ears whereas I've had LaTiMeR's version of the song on repeat for 23 minutes now and the only problem I can find is with the length! Come'on LTMR! Only 2:41 seconds of that warm and fuzzy synth??? That's just cruel. About as cruel as Flo-Ro omitting "Cosmic Love" from her setlist at govBall #stillnotoverit.

**seriously, I never got his hype. All his songs sound like an entire apartment building is blasting a different radio station in each unit at the same time