Jamie xx- I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (ft. Young Thug & Popcaan)

6/12/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Sry, I know this single was released over a month ago. With me blogging this only now and Balderston blogging "Lean On" only last month, if we're not careful, t4L is gonna start being known as those girls who are always late to the party (as if we weren't those girls all through college anyways). But I've been too obsessed with this song for the past 72 hours not to do anything about it. My boss actually asked me this morning what I was listening to because I was jamming out to this so subconsciously and obviously^^^.

"Good Times" (duh gonna use the lazy-man's title) combines a British trendsetter, an ATL rapper and a Jamaican dancehall artist (Wikipedia's words, not mine but lol the term "dancehall" hasn't been in fashion since the Kennedy's still had good luck). On paper, this combo should bomb. It should be like that time a DJ tried to combine Green Day, saxophone and tropical synth all in one 8-count. Aka it should sound worse than Kim Kardashian getting a Brazilian wax.

But of course Jamie Smith makes this eclectic combo work. His production skills and choices are unparallelled in the industry RN and "Good Times" is only one song off of his basically flawless new album, In Colour, just released May 29th. The whole product is a little piece of #hipsterheaven for you to start off your summer right. Up until "Good Times", the album is an array of infectious synth, fun percussion choices and awesome guest vocalists like his own school chums/ 'the xx'-ers themselves, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim! After "Good Times" comes 2 last tracks, the first of which is entitled "The Rest is Noise", which straight up informs the listener that the rest of the album is nothing but accompaniment and the occasional warblings of what sounds like a half-human-half-whale creature (you try describing the mystical sounds in "Girl". It's hard AF). I'm loving this move, Mr. Smith (Mr. xx if yah nasty). Like if all artists just entitled their tracks honestly my life would be so much better (Exhibit A: If the first song off of A$AP's new album At. Long. Last. ASAP. had just been entitled "Disappointment Ahead" or "Far Superior to Long. Live. ASAP" then maybe I would have 2 hours of my life back.)

Ultimately what I learned from In Colour is that music producers should fuck around with random instruments more often. For example, "Obvs" embraces the steel drums and the wood block (or maybe he's just using George Michael's wood block app?), "Sleep Sound" has what sounds like a thumb piano as accompaniment and "Good Times" mo-def has some cow bell worked in there. The moral of the story from my favorite album of 2015 so far?: Follow even ur weirdest bliss, music producers of the world. Unless "your bliss" is remixing a Green Day song. Remember, some #tbts are best left unsurfaced.)

Buy the whole album here!

^^^but I didn't know if I should recommend a 52-yr-old-West-Chester-mom-of-two a song that goes "I'm riding in that p*ssy like a stroller/ I'll survive in a mothafuckin' gutter/ that's my motherfuckin' woadie, like the Noila/ And I'm coming red like Coca-Cola".......... She already thinks I'm prety edgy for listening to Vampire Weekend so I think this uber hipster stuff might send her into cardiac arrest.