LIVE! Review: Bahamas (Irving Plaza 6/19/15)

6/25/2015 T4L 0 Comments

This marked the third time I’ve seen Canadian heartthrob and general badass Afie Jurvanen in the past year.  I guess there are some people you’re going to see every time they come to town (ex-lovers notwithstanding), and he’s one of them.  I don’t know why it’s taken me three shows to finally slap his beautiful face on T4L but here it is.  

He recently made a splash when his song “All The Time” was featured in a major wireless commercial.  His third full length album Bahamas is Afie (thank god he clarified) was not long to follow, delivering on the promise he made to a packed Le Poisson Rouge last September that his songs would “keep getting slower and keep getting sadder.”

Despite the melancholy temperament of his music, Afie has heaps of fun flirting with the audience between songs.  He likes to refer to general pop culture as “teenagers” and “young people with their punk rock music.” At Irving Plaza he recounted the origins of the featureless, black XXL hoodie that he was swimming in:  after buying two at his favorite flea market (because he was cold and it was a can’t-beat-it sale), his wife shortened the gargantuan garment by cropping off the bottom.  He congratulated himself as a trend-setter by pointing out that his gorgeous backup singer, Felicity Williams (imagine Emma Watson with an angelic voice), was also rocking a cropped black hoodie, and that eventually we would be too.

Bahamas is folk in that it relies heavily on voice and a guitar, but Afie sings so sensually that I think it would be music lover malpractice to pigeonhole the band with just one word.  His band, comprised of Felicity, a lead guitar, a bass guitar and drums can rock out when they are occasionally called upon to do so, and Afie commands one or two sexy guitar solos per show.  Make sure you catch him next time he comes to NYC.  I’ll go with you if you need friends.
Grade: A
Favorite Tracks:
Please Forgive My Heart (Bobby Womack Cover)