LIVE! Review: Governor's Ball 2015- Day 1 (Rudimental, Florence, Drake, + more)

6/06/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Charli XCX
She went on too early and her mic wasn't loud enough (lol, could we start off this post bitchier?). Also, she was wearing a zebra-striped two-piece set. We get it Charli. You like standing out. But also wearing at least 50% black. Every girl's wardrobe mindset.

SOOOO many people on stage. Your band is the size of a soccer team and I hate it. "Free" is fine, everything else is pretty disappointing.

Regretted not seeing MØ! Although we caught "Lean On" and it was amazzzzzing, duh. Major Lazer where are you?? Also, I officially learned the correct words! It's "blow a kiss" not "buttkiss". Sry, but English is not MØ's first language so I kinda just thought homegirl didn't know "buttkiss" wasn't a common English party phrase.

We were sitting a thousand miles away from this. It was fuzzy and adequate. "Jealous" makes me vaguely consider getting off the ground to dance.

Overall, just disappointing. It was easily the most hyped act of the day (besides drizzy #duh) but they crammed all their good tracks into the last 25 minutes of their set. Spread out the love, Odesza! And maybe tone down the intensity. At some point, their bass was rumbling the earth so strongly that it didn't just rattle my bone, it rattled my heart also (and I'm not being gushy or metaphoric AT ALL. My heart literally was hurting me after one of their songs #imtooold4thisshit). The only thing that saved the set was "Say My Name" and their cover of Zhu's "Faded". End of story.

Florence (<3 <3 <3)
If Beyoncé didn't have legal rights over the adjective 'flawless',
then I would use it here. ILY Flo-Ro. (photo cred: @govballnyc)
AMAZING! Str8 up. Could end the review here, but we like to hear ourselves talk too much. Our one issue was that the set list was kinda whack. She didn't play You've Got the Love or Cosmic Love RU SERIOUS?!?! BUT this was her first returning show after apparently breaking her foot and she was still romping around the stage like she was Dakota Fanning in  the final ballet scene in Uptown Girls. Also her crowd-interaction-game was on fleek. She pulled a girl who had a "hug?" sign on stage and let her hug everyone! Pretty sure security generally h8s her, but any good artist should be someone who stage security fears. ALSO, let it be known that our Florence experience was tainted by the fact that a 205+ pound guidette dropped trough right in front of us during "Shake It Out" and just peed for about 50 seconds straight. The MOST disgusting. This is why humans are in the running for my least favorite animal on earth.

In sum: Florence is the Celine Dion of indie music. The voice of an angel and the drama of a soap opera character. Honestly, made everyone else yesterday look like amateurs.

St. Vincent
We thought it was St. Lucia who was playing until we look at the line-up a week ago #sad. But ultimately, decided to still give them a shot. Balderston thought St. Vincent's sonic doppelgänger was Bon Iver. Which is...incorrect. We seriously only remember being into 1 song. Also what was with those blond twins doing the back-up dancing? They looked straight out of an Austin Powers movie and their dancing gave me nightmares last night. BUT EVERYTHING WAS MADE OKAY BECAUSE WE SAW VANESSA BAYER WALKING THROUGH THE CROWD. #blessed.

Ultimately, Should have gone probably gone to Ratatat. But I feel like I'm too old for that. And I'm only 23.


WEIRD opening. A video of a car driving down a road surrounded by pine trees. Am I watching a Lincoln commercial? Ultimately he is a little embarrassing but the song selection is on point. I love you forever, Drizzy, for playing "Over". Also people in the audience really trying to get the "Jimmy" chant going and Drake definitely wasn't into it (though t4L definitely was). Also he promised to bring The Weeknd, Beyonce, Kanye and Lil Wayne on stage and brought a total of zero of them out. Empty promises from Champagne Papi. And the biggest missed opportunity of the day came in the form of Drake not bringing Florence on for "Take Care". I don't think I'll ever get over it.


BIGGEST REGRET OF THE DAY: A toss up between the guidette incident and the fact that we missed Slim Jim break his leg on stage. That sounded epic.



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