LIVE! Review: Governor's Ball 2015- Day 2 (Kiesza, Little Dragon, SBTRKT, + more)

6/07/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Sharon Van Etten

We really don't even know what happened during this set. We were distracted by flower crowns and the fact that we were standing 4 feet away from Emma Roberts (who either is brilliant and was rocking a cheap blonde dye-job to blend into the festival crowd, or just has bad taste in hair color for a celeb who can afford to do it right.)


We only caught Kiesza for the last like 4 or 5 songs but she fucking rocked it. We also walked past her cruising in a golf cart like literally not even 5 minutes before the performance began. Homegirl just seems chill AS. Hideaway was everything we hoped and more. She didn't cop out on the high notes and her high stage energy matched her sassy, rocker mohawk perfectly. Our one caveat with the performance was that she didn't close with Hideaway; She closed with some weird heavily-bassed mess. 10 points from Gryffindor for that one, Kiesz. 

Little Dragon

Idk why, but this set seemed to go on furrrrrrver. But Ritual Union was actually the chillest. We love when we can dance like the Charlie Brown characters at a music festival and Ritual Union fulfilled that desire. The mic could have been a tiny bit louder, but overall we were singing "Ritual Union" riding the ferry back at 10pm so it obviously had an even bigger impact on us than we originally thought.

Future Islands

Didn't see him but our friend was front row for it and said it was amazzzz. The lead singer has the dance moves of James Brown and really that should be a trait more popular in electronic artists today. Or just more common in men as a subspecies in general.


Really didn't have high expectations for him (...correction: them lol. nvr write blog posts post-wake-n-bake if yah wanna git it right) going in, but the hard-core rapping was a nice breath of fresh air. If only gov ball employed more rappers (could have been bad if I missed a "p" there...). Like A$AP where r u??? You live in New York, literally just hop on over to Randall's Island and rap about L$D pLz! Is that too much to ask?

Ultimately, we were kind of rolling around in the grass during Atomsphere's performance so we couldn't see them on stage too well, but their vocals and rhyme rhythm were both on point. This was also when we discovered free maple bacon chips, so life was going well overall.

Conor Oberst

I literally thought they had let a homeless Canadian man onto the stage. Didn't recognized the man without "the lead singer of Bright Eyes" as an epithet. He also was rocking a wide-brimmed felt hat ala a Canandian ranger.... in 80 degree heat. Not sure the thought process there. Ultimately, the highlights of this performance wasn't even Oberst (who tbh sang like he was about to be executed. comon Conor, is your life that sad), it was his accompaniment choices. He had a three-person horn section and an organist at one point! Take notes, other artist ppl, take notes.

The visuals of this show are confusing. Are we watching a sea anemone give birth? Bjork does shoot off fireworks tho, meaning she brought a more legit stage show to this festival than any other headliner. How does it feel to be bested by an Icelandic fairy, Drizzy? Points deducted for not using the jumbo screens. How the f am I supposed to tell if she is wearing her magical swan dress from 100 miles away? Also, couldn't even hear her singing, so I have no comment on that. But we did the Kristen Wiig impression voice for the entirety of the set and I can't imagine it was more fun than that.

We went to this for 10 mins. It was great. And then we left to see SBTRKT. We have...regrets. You will see why. Hindsight is 20/20 people.


Honestly, he tempted us away from Flume by starting out playing his cool, tropically stuff. And then, once were lured into this false state of security, he fucking pulls out his new trance music. His new stuff is what I imagine elevator music would be in an all-robot, futuristic society. Or how Ross' (from Friends, fucking duh) college band sounds. In sum: your space music is putting me to sleep and I'm on molly. I wish the crowd threw tomatoes at you for denying us "Never Never."


Honestly, this is super embarrassing, but instead of going to Deadmau5 we took the ferry home and fucking raged to Barry White in our apt like no one has since 1978. It was the right move. Moral of the story: follow your bliss. Especially if it's flailing around to Barry White or the Charlie's Angels Soundtrack.


BIGGEST REGRET OF THE DAY: Ditching Flume for 2001: A Space Odyssey  The SBTRKT show.


BEST FOOD ITEM OF THE DAY: Raspeberry Lime popsicles: Git in mah bellyyyyyy.

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