LIVE! Review: Governor's Ball 2015- Day 3 (Mayer Hawthorne, Tame Impala, The War on Drugs, + more)

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DISCLAIMER: We r old (23, which, turns out, is 67 in music-festival years) and had real-world jobs to return to in the AM, so we straight up left before Hot Chip, Lana and The Black Keys. But also, those are probably the three most blogged acts from yesterday so reading about them elsewhere will be easy!


Only caught the last 2 songs of ur act, but u rocked, Hermitude. Like Flume, but better. If the line to get into Gov Ball hadn't held us hostage for 40 minutes we would most likely be raving about your entire set.

Mayer Hawthorne

The one concert where we suppressed our 12-yr-old-boy-with-ADHD attention spans to wait out for a front row spot. And it was 100% worth it. With his high-energy and bleached hair, he's kind of like an albino Bruno Mars. Or at least he fit the bill with his swoon-worthy vocals and his spiffy 3-piece ensemble. Also, we're glad him and his band followed the Workaholics rule, Fedora limit: 1 per group:

We have to give Mayer and the band major props for pulling a Frankie Valli + The Four Seasons and basically being in-step every song. It was a classy AF move and honestly something every multiple-person stage act should do. In addition, unlike female vocalists, Mayer does not cop out on the high-notes. Each falsetto was more glorious than the last and "The Walk" was really just all-around magical in case you were wondering. But y no "You're Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'", Mayerrrr? Second biggest disappointment to Florence not playing "Cosmic Love" (still not over it...)

Highlights of the Performance:

#1: He covered Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". It is was literally the best surprise of the day.

#2: The guitarist's pants basically fell down mid-song and the stage-hand had to fly in and save him from flashing little children ('cause ppl bring their toddlers to these festivals! a sad but true fact). Homeboy still didn't miss a beat on his axe though (<--- can we pull off saying axe? Probably not)

#3: WE CAUGHT MAYER HAWTHORNE'S FUCKING DRUMSTICK #highfiving1millionangels!! Yes, that's right, 1/2 of t4L was that crazy ginger in the cat dress and yellow-daisy crown raging at the front and playing 2 hipsters' heads like a pair of bongos. #followurbliss ppl: the moral of gov ball.

So, we only knew "Push" by him so we were expecting like fun, light music. Instead we now understand what we assume an epileptic seizure feels like. Maybe we were simply too stoned (nintendo). On the plus side, his cover of Alesso's "Cool" was pretty stellar. 10 points to Slytherin for that, A-Trak.

Tame Impala
Str8 up thought Porkey Pig was gonna pop
out of the concentric circles and stutter
"that's all folks!" Their visualizer game was on
fleek (def the first time "fleek" has been used
to describe a psychedelic visualizer) 
BRINGSSS ITT. In the top 3 overall. Truly when we closed our eyes we felt like we were at Woodstock in the 60's' during this set. A little jam bandy for our taste (their opener was like 10 minutes long), but live they reminded us a bit of Daft Punk, which felt really surprising. Or maybe they sounded nothing like Daft Punk. We were..impaired. What we do know is the vocals sound exactly the same as on record. Also, Kevin Parker has the speaking voice of John Lennon. It's so similar that we can only believe it to be parody. And before you yell at us, we know Parker is Australian and John Lennon was not, but we swear to god this similarity transcends accent.

Weird Al

The man started by screeching "NYC ARE YOU READY TO POLKA?!?!" and then broke into a polka version of "Wrecking Ball". To sum the performance up in one sentence, Weird Al definitely lived up to his name. And, ultimately, props to him for making a career on parody pre-YouTube. But, after seven minutes, we no longer need to hear the hoe-down version of "Call Me Maybe." Al, what we longed for were more of your old originals!!! Where was "What I Bought On Ebay"? "Rice Rice Baby" ?  Our summer jams of 2003.

The War on Drugs

Literally we think we had a religious experience during this set. Tbh, we don't know if it was just The War on Drug's live performance abilities that elevated us to this level, although those were honestly phenomenal. We also found the love of our lives during this set in the form of cheeseburgers. We each had the American Cut burger with bourbon onions, beer cheese and pickles and it was fucking mind-blowing. The combination of this delicious burger and The War on Drug's heavenly sound truly propelled us into #hipsterheaven (aka WASP's hell. One man's trash, yah know?)

Highlights of their performance included multiple harmonica solos (has harmonica EVR made a song worse? #no) and basically a fantastic guitar solo during every song. When did we stop employing guitar solos to fill that bridge part of the song? What dick-head of a music producer decided to make the switch from bridges filled with guitar solos every other song to bridges filled with Nicki Minaj verse every other song? #notokay

Noah Gallagher's High Flying Birds

All you need to know is that Champagne Supernova made the appearance it deserved and we were having major flashbacks to the Summer-Seth Spiderman kiss of 2005.


BIGGEST REGRET OF THE DAY: Not being there to see Hot Chip cover "Dancing in the Dark". My old bones are too brittle 4 a full three day rager tho.

BEST ACT OF THE DAY: Mayor Hawthorne (kinda hard to top a front-row show, though, so this is kinda biased). Honorable Mention goes to Tame Impala. This day was too good to pick just 1 #sry.

BEST OUTFIT: dude walking around wearing nothing but a pair of homemade jorts and a flower crown. No fucks given.

BEST OVERHEARD IN THE POPSICLE LINE: "Bjork was like....A STORM. I burst into tears at one of these songs. No I don't remember which one!! She had fireworks, she had flames!! Also Drake's fans are the worst." --enthusiastic male fan

BEST OVERHEARD NEAR THE COCONUT STAND: A girl asking another for permission to snap a pic of her coconut beverage. "I want to Instagram this but I don't wanna buy it."

BEST OVERHEARD AT WEIRD AL: "What the fuck. I can't with this."

BEST SPOTTED BY THE GOV BALL STAGE: A topless woman brushing people's hair.

BEST (OR WORST) SPOTTED BY THE BIG APPLE STAGE: Girl with shorts so short she bent over and you could see that there were just two red spray painted arrows on her butt pointing to her a**hole. Ugh, youths.

BEST FOOD OF THE DAY: Do I even need to fucking say it:

American Cut, ILY
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