Major Lazer - Be Together (ft. Wild Belle)

6/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Maybe you couldn't tell from our short term blogging history, but Major Lazer has been bringing his "pay some fucking attention" A Game. Like, I mostly do not have the attention span for albums, and I've made up my mind to eventually go listen to it. I will be honest, I didn't used to think such kind thoughts about him. The previous perception was "Ibiza house DJ"*** which, while to some peoples liking, isn't mine unless I've had 7 vodka sodas and a bad week. But this new music is giving me life!! First "Lean On," now this one. "Be Together" isn't as big, but that is to be expected, as ML has taken a back seat here. Like a true gentleman, he lets Wild Belle do her thing, and provides delightful production to back her. Also it must be said, homegirl is bringing semi-Lana Del Rey vibes to this track. I think they both share a similar slurred, "just took a bottle of Vicodin because I have so many daddy issues" vocal delivery. Which is AMAZING. Don't think I am throwing shade here. Although I am having a major misheard lyrics situation. Unless the words really are: "tell me/is this fetal baby/chasing after danger." You kno, I have heard babies in utero can get buck wild. Mayb do some somersaults? Hit their twin? Get drunk and pee in the womb? Idk.

***which, for the record, Major Lazer has never been. I am just a fool.