Midnight Pool Party- Disease

6/15/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

CONGRATS MPP! You officially have the most fun band name of all time!! A midnight pool party?! Can you think of anything better?? I've attended only one in my lifetime and it was simultaneously the most fun and most damaging house party I've ever been to. My last memory is drunken ppl throwing fistfuls of gravel into the pool around 3:30 am. Where was I? I was in the pool clinging to the last of my brain cells still able to retain memories. The last thing I remember thinking as the night sky blackened with the gravel flying over me was that I was Leonidas in the last scene of 300. You know, 'cept being pelted by pebbles... not shredded to death by 1,000 Persian arrows. Besides that minor detail we were basically in the same situation doe...

Sry, I'm back now from my own pathetic stroll down memory lane (ugh, I'm one of those people who can already refer to the glory days and I'm only 23 #imisscollege)."Disease" is the newest single from these funky Sydney natives and literally every track this duo put out is more infectiously groovy than the one before. If their name wasn't so fun I'd just refer to them as "Daft Punk from Down Under" because I'm getting some serious Random-Access-Memories-vibes here. But, ultimately, that album rocked so any comparison to my 2nd and 3rd favorite faceless robots of all time* is a compliment.
Also, I must comment on the cover art before I end this post. All I can say is somewhere Tove Lo is screaming at her manager for not using this concept for her cover art first (fun fact: the actual original opening lyrics to "Habits"  were "I vomit glitter in the bathtub/ then I go to sex club"**.

*I was born in 1992. So obviously the faceless robot that holds the No. 1 spot in my heart will ALWAYS be my iPhone. But Daft Punk takes the silver and bronze.

**Not rLy, but I am officially singing that everytime that song comes on now.