Beirut - No No No

5/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

My favorite indie grandfather returns. On the eve of Gov Ball, it is only fitting that I blog an artist that had one of the most traumatizing sets I ever attended. And I've been to Gov Ball 3 times, witnessing sets by all-stars such as Sammy Adams, and the dick lead singer from Passion Pit, who was doing a DJ set of unrecognizable bar mitzvah music. Let me outline the reasons why Beirut's set scarred my soul. I was up to my butt in mud. Literally I looked like I had been doing laps in a swamp. I smelled like a member of Duck Dynasty. My formerly white Converse now resembled gray rhino hooves. I had been abandoned by my drunk friend. I know this is vague but TO THIS VERY DAY that's all I can type without getting mad bout it. I expected to witness a quiet show by Beirut in peace and silence. Maybe sum Elephant Gun, maybe some Postcards From Italy. Even if he had just played You Are My Sunshine on the accordion for 45 minutes I would have been satiated.

Enter: Girl on Ecstasy. I'm not even sure how this creature came to be at Beirut. I know if I were going to roll my face off, it would not be listening to melancholy Eastern European music. But she crossed my path, and ruined my life. I witnessed this girl try to make out with 3 innocent bystanders, including her sober embarrassed friend. Then I watched her throw up on said friend. Her eyes were so crazy I thought she had escaped the set of Girl, Interrupted. I did not want to be frightened at a Beirut concert, and yet there I was, watching Emily Rose have an exorcism. Above all of this, she was screaming about how she just wanted a diet Pepsi. Well, I wanted you to be abducted by medical personnel, but we don't always get what we want. Beirut was great btw. Oh, so is this song.