POWERS - Beat of My Drum

6/23/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I swear to god L.A is the new London. No, Kanye and Kim are not the new Will and Kate (they fucking wish), and sunshine is not the new rain,** I just mean my favorite new music is coming out of there. Idk why. Maybe all the young kiddies went to Coachella and were iNsPiReD. Perhaps POWERS was. "Beat of My Drum" is the kind of song you hear, and immediately you can no longer remember a time where you didn't know it. Basically it's catchy aF and makes me wanna dance around forever. There's an amazing drum pattern (would be pretty awk if there wasn't tbh), and the vocals are vaguely Electric Guest-y. Remember them? Well regardless of whether or not u do, plz let's all have a moment of silence for them. They were a casualty of the cruel indie machine. POWERS, I hope you avoid such a fate. I think you are on the right track, because any song that has the lyrics "move your shoes" is a winner for me. It's so silly and better than saying "feet" Because feet are gross and shoes are cute. Duh.

***prob shouldn't be making rain jokes (as if such a thing exists) at a time like this. I mentioned almond milk to my L.A based friend the other day and she practically bit my ear off through the phone. "Why, t4L!?!" you may be asking your computer. Well people, almond production uses so much water that the paleo freaks of Los Angeles are being forced to drink regular milk like poor peasants. Srsly word to the wise: don't use the "a" word if you're heading west of Vegas. They may force feed u 2%.