*RELEASE* Catey Shaw- Rumble in the Park

6/16/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

YAAAASS QUEEN!! ThankU Catey for including that cow bell!! Maybe I've just spent too much time at college in the cow-tipping counties of upstate New York, but I feel like adding the cow bell's blunt-but-funky accompaniment is NVR a bad production idea. In fact, I professed my love for Jamie xx's use of this pastoral percussion only a couple posts ago. And here it appears again in Catey Shaw's first single off her new EP, out............ l8r (lol, I should know this #worstmusicbloggerever).

Honestly, it's an interesting coincidence that Catey and our favorite daywalker* from across the pond both highlight the crazy, pot-smoking aunt of the percussion family, because these two are also responsible for my favorite albums (slash EPs) of 2015 thus far. Okay, so I've only listen to like 10 albums in entirety this year (told yah: #worstmusicbloggerever), but still!! "In Colour" and Catey's newest EP** easily stick out above all others in my head (and I haven't even heard the polished, finalized version of Shaw's EP yet!). All I know is that  I've been chanting "Jenny don't use that knife/ someone's gonna lose their life" over and over like a zombie for like 46 hours straight now. This has REALLY confused my co-workers, as I'm threatening the life of someone named Jenny and there is no Jenny in our office...

I know I've been raving about the entire album and it's not even out yet, but "Rumble in the Park" is the perfect, infectious, little ditty to distract yourself with until the whole amazing EP is released. I guess you can be like the Monica Gellers of the world, be cheap and listen to it through the SoundCloud link at the bottom...

 ...but who DA FUQ ever wanted to be Monica??? #no1 #maybeTaylorSwift. So buy the track here instead!

*half of you just got flashbacks to GoT's "HardHome" episode before realizing I typed "daywalker" not "white walker". Although, like a Scadanavian or Icelandic DJing-duo going by the epithet "the White Walkers" is an amazzzzzing idea. If only I were a 17-yr-old Danish boy with a musically-gifted bestie (<--- definitely a phrase I never thought I would say)

**I honestly have no idea if the title is open info to the public yet but I would be the one to accidentally leak it. Better safe than sorry. It's kind of like how I the little © symbol every time I use the adjective "flawless" just in case Beyonce has held legal entitlement over that term since 2013.