6/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Honestly, from very, very far off, I thought the cover art for this song was the NBA logo just because they both have the same candy-apple red and royal blue color scheme (that's how little a role sports play in my life lol). It most definitely is not #oops? #myB. Also, as long as we're on the topic of photography, I love that the photo to the left is INSTRUM's choice for a SoundCloud prof pic. Everyone in the crowd is either awkwardly hitting on someone or looking at the back wall. The image doesn't exactly scream "LOOK HOW MUCH FUN MY MUSIC IS!!" Although, few ppl are as neurotic about cover art as I am, so, realistically, no one else will ever even notice this Inkwell-filtered party fail.

But in all fairness, the lame party above must be a result of the guests because INSTRUM consistently produces happy, catchy little ditties perfect to groove along to. He first caught our eye with his infectious, tropical rework of Kanye's "All Falls Down" in April, and when he contacted us last week about the release of his first original song, we jumped at the opportunity to press dat ugly AF orange play button on SoundCloud! Obviously the track did not disappoint or else I wouldn't be blogging about it right now #leDUH. "Come On Over" is a little slice of 1970's-summer all wrapped up in a pair of 2k15-earbuds, and I really don't know what I like more: the nu-disco vibes positively oozing from the track or the Jaymes-Young-style voice of vocalist (and track co-writer!) Jordan Gonzalez.

In short, Austin Powers would throw the fucking rager of the year to this song. The party would have ABBA grooving on the bar and life-size lava lamps filled with UV Blue. Oh, and this song would play on repeat, obviously. Sounds like a good time to me! (Although, tbh, I am 100% bias towards the disco genre. For instance, just this Saturday my friends and I ditched a Deadmau5 concert to rage to Barry White in our apt. And I would make the same choice 11/10 times no doubt about it)