*RELEASE* James Chatburn- We Drink (ft. Frank Nitt)(prod. w/ Dizz1)

6/22/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Is it kosher for me to label this as a "release" even though I'm 11 days past the date that original submission e-mail sent our way?? Oh well, #dontcare #doingitanyway. This only further supports our claim that we truly are #theworstmusicblogever. Blergh*, wutever. Someone has to hold that title and no publicity is bad publicity, right Kris Jenner??

 I really feel as though the chorus of this song paints a picture of t4L's average night on the town. "I didn't even make much sense to them/ All I have left is my really good friends/ But we drink, but we drink". These words ring all too true for like 95.6% of my weekend nights. I get embarrassingly obliterated to the point where I'm only talking in Friends quotes and slurred words (aka I only make sense to my besties who get me & my... quirks**). Thus my night ends at 3:30am drinking alone with my really good friends, listening to Barry White (#highpoint or #lowpoint? not really sure).

Honestly I feel like this song is too cool for me. Like it's way more mellowed-out and chill than the usual saturated fem-pop ditties found on this site. Overall, "We Drink" is a breezy, eclectic R&B track to help you ride out those Monday blues. Vocally, Chatburn falls somewhere between FYFE and the lead singer of HONNE on the velvety, dreamy male vocals scale, and honestly, what fucking gr8 company to keep!

*if yah got the 30 rock ref w/o having to read this addendum, ILY ;)

**I guess "quirk" is the term. Didn't really know how to fit "leprechaun dance moves" and "unhealthy obsession with Survivor" into one category/ phrase, but "quirk" seems apt.