*RELEASE* Robert Delong- Don't Wait Up

6/16/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

ALL HAIL NEW MUSIC TUESDAY!! It literally makes me happier than this fish makes this kid (if that's possible). Also this post is proof that t4L does, in fact, read our e-mail on the reg!! We just also choose to pretend that we haven't heard about 76% of the tracks sent our way. Sry, but I've lived 23 years in a WASPy environment honing my overly exclusive mindset so I'm not gonna starting accepting all things anytime soon. On an exclusivity scale, t4L is somewhere between an esteemed, NYC pre-school and the Playboy Mansion (two things I really never thought I'd find commonality between).

Not gonna lie, I thought Robert Delong was British until approximately .25 seconds ago. But, ultimately, that is the no. 1 compliment an artist can receive from us freaks here at t4L. In short, I love British music more than Scott Disick loves to hear his own voice (again... if that's possible).  Maybe I'm getting the British vibes from that kind of a dark, acid-rock edge Delong brings to the track, who tha fuq knows really? All I know for certain is that Delong is definitely bringing  his "FUCKING NOTICE ME" game this summer and it's nice to see an America DJ who can consistent produce an amazing track like he's from Northern Europe or something (rumor** is they put Molly in the breast milk over there... That's why every Scandinavian with a synthesizer can make EDM magic and it's basically been that way since the birth of Bjork in 1965). Highlights of "Don't Wait Up" include some rul heavy, duophonic, 80's-styled synth throughout and some rul intense percussion near the end that pumps me with so much angsty adrenaline that I want to go like enlist in the army or attempt to binge-watch all the Breaking Bad seasons in under a week. You know, something epic.

P.S. It's been bugging me who this dude looks like but I have finally pin-pointed it! He looks like the love-child of Ian Gallagher from "Shameless" and Lauren Utter, than awkward Amazonian girl from ANTM Cycle 10. This observation is literally so weird, but also the most accurate so #srynotsry.

**A rumor 100% fabricated by yours truly but doesn't that sound like something that could be true?? There's NO WAY Bjork was being nursed with 100% natural milk. Only someone innately raised on 49 years of E would just casually wear this for her Gov Ball performance.