Savannah Outen- Boys

5/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

**Insert overexaggerated ramblings about how this is the definition of a fem-pop summer JAM.** Srsly thought, did adding snaps to a song EVER make it worse? #no. Also it has a sort of Drumline-style of percussion that takes me back to the days of a pre-Mariah Nick Cannon (aka pre-p*ssy-whipped Nick. Back when he hosted Wild 'n' Out and still had the "street cred" from being in a late-90's rap group^: The most underrated MTV show of the 00s^^. If this random, mid-00's #tbt didn't convince you to listen to the song, (I ROCK AT TRANSITIONS), this track comes from "Hit Makers Eman and Jon Redwine", who are also the writers of Tinashe's "2 On". This is news to me because I didn't know "2 On" had reached the status of a "hit" although I fully support it being labelled as such!! Overall, my favorite thing about this track has got to be that Outen's vocals possess just the right amount of whine for a pop-princess-HIT. Just like country vocals need their twang, pop vocals need some whine in them. It's not an insult! Adam Levine has made millions off of the fact that his singing voice sounds like an exasperated, spoiled girl (Exhibit A: the "Wiiiiiiiiiill" in the chorus of "She Will Be Loved: a great example of how one man's annoyed, trashed girlfriend is a music-producer's pop-perfect treasure).

^Scratch that. Wild 'n' Out was after Nick Cannon wrote a song for the movie "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius". So any street cred was long gone after his song "Parent Just Don't Understand" graced the silver screen.

^^the most underrated MTV show of the 10's hand-down is "Are You The One?" (Ugh, MTV should pay me. The amount I rave about that show on here is mo-def reaching double digits #Ethan&Amber4ever)