*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers - Roses ft. Rozes

6/16/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

K, The Chainsmokers have been hulking out recently. Their tour is on FUHLEEK,* as is the pace at which they have been pelting us with new releases. You may remember Rozes from her feature on Just a Gent's "Limelight" back in 2014. She's back killing it for our boys on this homonymically** titled track. Just gonna put it out there that roses are mentioned a grand total of zero times in this song. However, apparently "rozes" means roses in Latvian so that's pretty #meta I guess. But Rozes you're from Philly - are you Latvian? Do you have a distant Latvian relative? T4L now has a keen interest in your heritage so holla back.

Anyway, "Roses" differs a bit from what we've come to expect from The Chainsmokers. While it retains its EDM roots, the primary focus of the song is Rozes' vocals. There's no earth shattering drop or excessive doses of wompage. Don't get me wrong. There's a time and a place for bone-rattling bass and face-melting lasers. But a girl only has so much capacity to get turnt and in my car on the way to hot yoga does not an appropriate rave venue make. So thanks guys, the versatility is much appreciated. 

*apologies for the egregious use of embarrassing social media slang, but it really was the most apt phrase to convey the level of their hypetitude rn.  Yes, hypetitude is not a word. And yet you absolutely knew what I meant. 

** Also not a word, but if you were in an English major/linguistically inclined at all then you also knew what I meant.