The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

6/16/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Can we please pause and marvel at the shrubbery sitting upon the Weeknd's head. He is literally a human pineapple. I want nothing more than for him and the Fat Jewish to snap some pics together. Well actually if we are talking about things I want, that's not super high on my list. In fact, it's after:  1. finding an avocado with a shelf life of longer than 2 days**** , 2. watching all of Seinfeld,  3. meeting (and stalking) Calvin Harris. But it is definitely #4. Speaking of #4, "Can't Feel My Face" is the fourth single from the Weeknd's new album. Actually it's not. But it might have been, and then my transition would have been perfect. Instead it is the #2 single from upcoming album "Chapter 3." And it's very solid. The new stuff feels like a legit attempt at radio play. I feel like the Weeknd of 2011 was mostly singing slow jams about doing drugs, and having sex with girls on drugs. The Weekend of 2015 is singing mid-tempo disco about... the same thing. Baby steps guys! It's a lot more upbeat. Hey, you never know, this song could be about his dentist.

***seriously guys, I feel like I blink my eyes and the avocados I bought 34 seconds prior are ROTTING IN MY KITCHEN. Bring back GMOs people!! I never had to throw out my food.