Tori Kelly- Expensive

6/20/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

New Music Tuesday, MY ASS, Spotify. This track has been circulating the internet for at least a month* (that's like forever in HMST-- Hype Machine standard time). Although I guess I should have known the creators of Spotify were using the term "New Music" broadly when Ryn Weaver's "The Fool" was on this past week's update as well (we at t4L SUCK at keeping up with the trends and even we blogged that back in April). But ultimately, idc how or when this song came into my life, I'm just glad those blaring horns and Kelly's brassy vocals are now a part of my summer playlist. Her flawless trills scream "I'M A DIVA AND I HAVE THE VOICE TO BACK IT UP BITCHES" and the whole vibes of her vocals have me thinking she like a mini Ariana Grande. 'Cept, you know, human, whereas I'm 97% sure Ariana is pop-star experiment** fabricated from like recycled disco balls and neo-preen. Also I guess you can't get much more "mini" than Ms. Grande cause she's like barely 5 foot (Grande is such an ironic last name in that way I just love it love it love it!)

My one issue with the song comes at the bridge. I'm sick of these 30-second raps thrown into songs. Like how come 50% of solo artists now are forced to collab and fill their bridge with an only semi-talented rapper? I mean it's basically the reason Iggy, Nicki, Travie McCoy and Tyga have careers (Harsh but true). What ever happened to awe-inspiring guitar solos or drummer rocking out for an 8-count or 2? Srsly, just take me back to the 70's pLz and I'll be a happy girl. But hold on! Before I get in that time machine, lemme burn "Expensive" onto a casette (lo #tbt) so I can play it in the Delorean on my journey back to the age of Stevie Nicks and more-lax drug policies!!

*although I just looked up the release date for this track and, lol, it was in June. Basically bein' bitchy for no reason then but, hey, that's kind of always been my M.O. anyways

**ala the 2004 DCOM movie Pixel Perfect #totallyrobbedatCannes