Travie McCoy- Golden (ft. Sia)

6/19/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

HOLY TRUFFULA TREES, BATMAN*!! That is some rul psychedelic, Dr.-Suess-on-acid looking cover art right thurrrr. Slash I think I painted that exact picture in 2nd grade art class actually. But that's true art for yah. If I, the most basic of humans, am unable to understand it, that probably means it's a good, meaningful piece of art (lol that I was an art history minor... #liberalarts)

If you look up "on fleek" in the dictionary*, you'll find simply a description of Sia's 2015 career as a definition.  Seriously, first she was featured on that Kanye track back in February and then there was her stunning cover of "California Dreamin'" only last month. Not to mention the fame she's been getting recently from her 2k14 masterpieces, "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart". Homegirl has produced so much amazing work in the past 12 months that I've deduced she is either on a serious combo of Adderall and red bull, or she's the Leslie Knope of the music world and is naturally a highly-productive, driven #bo$$bitch. I bet it's the latter. ILYSM Sia. I'm offically girl crushing hard core (also my iPhone always auto-corrects your name to Siam which makes me lol everytime. 10 points to Slytherin for that one**, Siam!)

A couple thoughts on the Travis McCoy part (or should I say Travie? Honestly, not even gunna go into my hatred of the juvenile "-ie" suffix.):
1.  Sry but the word "Mayonnaise" should NVR occur in a rap, even if it's just being used as a last name. Also, there are just so many better 90's TV characters to reference (she could have been the Pinkie to his Brain,  the Didi to his laboratory, the RACHEL TO HIS FUCKING ROSS FOR ALLAH'S SAKE. But no, Travie chooses to reference the one childrens character whose last name is an emulsion of egg yolks and vinegar.... gross.
2. Mr. McCoy, I MUST know: how much did Target pay to have their brand mentioned as a better shopping destination than Prada?? And how pissed was Prada when they found out the former lead singer of "Gym Class Heroes" was dissing them so publicly? Fuck the meaning of life, these are questions I rLy want to know the answers to.

*I guess the unofficial theme of this post is to start every paragraph with a cliche. Sry to be so unoriginal but it's the last day of the work week (aka I'm like 98.5% brain dead at the moment).

**sry to put u in Slytherin, Sia, but, honestly, that's most definitely the house I'd be sorted into. And, ultimately, all I wanna do is get wine drunk in the common room witchaa and practice spells & shit. Since Hogwarts doesn't exist, maybe we can just pass a box of Franzia around at the Universal Studios HP castle. Sure the staff will be mad initially, but ur fucking SIA and, in the words of Mugatu, u are "ssssso hot right now" so I bet the security might be cool with you getting turnt in their Room of Requirement.