Chet Faker- 1998 (ft. BANKS)

7/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The collab I never even knew I needed is finally here!!  God that wait sucked... #ADHD #millenial #samething. t4L loves miss BANKS so much, she was actually our first ever post! Hate when people say they've been with an artist from the beginning... buuuuuuuuut I've been with the leettle L.A. sprite from the the fucking get-go. AND who doesn't love Chet Faker ?! (aka the Australian version of Mayer Hawthorne if Mayer Hawthorne mellowed out with a bunch of xanax-es.... and if M.H.'s vocal chords ever realized the body they inhabit went through puberty 15 years ago...). Long story short, I'm just saying Mr. Faker's vocals are swoon-worthy AF.  Also the ginger hipster from down under has a beard so lush and rugged it's how I imagine Ron Swanson's beard would look if he ever ditched the signature 'stache (#RIPparks&rec). Ultimately I just feel like these two would throw the coolest party. They'd host like a killer summer darty on a Victorian-era, massive sailboat with a great array of tapas options. And their hospitality would be as warm and cozy as the synth in this song. (Whoops! Almost went through an entire post without saying anything about the track #theworstmusicblogever #sryimlazy #thisisactuallytheendtho #byehaters)