EVVY - Tidal Wave

7/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

EVVY, I met you when you opened for VERITE here in April, and I was super awk and had no business cards*** But look I really do have a blog!! It's so legit right.^^^ Well, now it is more legit because we can feature this amazing single. "Tidal Wave" opens with my favorite production trick in the game: chipmunk backing vocals. No lie, if I went over to a boy's house and he put that kind of music on, my underwear would turn to ash.*** There's also house piano and a catchy melody. Just overall, a great summer anthem. I mean, I don't think anything called "Tidal Wave" screams snowmen and Santa, but the does production fit perfectly with sunshine and happiness. On another note: I'm already stressed about the deep depression I will fall into when it drops below 50 degress. Jk I loveeeee winter!! (But really, not kidding at all. Someone please offer me a job in San Diego).

***I know I'm being presumptuous for even thinking you remember this, EVVY. But I swear, it did happen. Does anyone else wonder if famous people walk around with handlers who remind them of all the shit they've done before? I'm imagining Madonna's handler whispering behind her, "That's Drake, you once mouth raped him onstage." If Veep and The Devil Wears Prada have any resemblance of real life, I know this is true.

^^^We were once trolled on Twitter by a bunch of Atmosphere fans so tbh I think we have made it.

*** obscure New Girl joke, funniest show that no one cares about