7/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Holy Arctic Monkeys batman!! To me, this is quintessential British music. I hear this song and it basically bleeds the union jack and cider. Obviously I love it. We devote most of our time to blogging Swedish girl pop and hyper remixes, and guitar doesn't get enough love. Well here's some love. The vocals are perfectly straddling the rock/pop line. I'm digging the harmony. I know I already brought up Alex Turner, but this is like the best song Last Shadow Puppets never made. I only have a few quibbles. 1. I know these boys are 19, but can we stop naming songs "Youth." I have literally 7 songs named "Youth" in my Itunes library, and all it does it confuse me, and also remind me that I am going to get old. (I didn't say this was a rational quibble). And I'm pretty sure the word "Youth" isn't even in the lyrics!! Lastly, I need to discuss the ever present all CAPS band name situation. I know we have discussed our annoyance of CAPS before, but I want to take this moment to complain about it in a different context. When I write any band out with all CAPS, I feel like I have Tourette's. And when I reread what I wrote, I feel like I can hear myself yelling FRONTEERS. I ask all indie bands to please stop doing this to me. Thanks!****

***how I end every work email I've ever sent. It may seem like a standard sign-off, but it's actually very versatile. If you are happy, an obvious choice.. And if you are mad, it screams passive aggressive. Or aggressive. (Ex: Go fuck yourself. Thanks!)