Hex Cougar - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics Cover)

7/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I like Annie Lennox as much as the next human, but I've never really grasped the Eurythmics music beyond 80s stereotype. Yes it's amazing, but Sweet Dreams embodies pop music from that time to the point where I can only view it as parody. This one, Whip It, and Tainted Love.*** A trifecta of hairspray, bad synths, and weird music videos. Seriously though, drop everything and watch the Sweet Dreams video. It has many facets, one of which involves blindfolded cello players chasing after horses. Anyways, the point I am trying to make is this; Sweet Dreams ain't on my Ipod shuffle unless my mom is in the car. Hex Cougar changed my mind yalllll. What a beauteous rework. I bet Majestic Casual jizzed himself when he heard this. All I want to do when this plays is smoke a bowl and float away on the harp and sugary vocals. And there's even a pleasant drop! Which is obviously the best kind. I'm not trying to fall off a skyscraper Skrillex style today (or any day). Also shout out to Hex Cougar for his Fat-Jewish style humor, that I discovered via his fB. It is my general opinion that musicians take themselves soooo seriously (For example, how artists refer to a collection of music. It's an album, not a fucking "record" u pretentious assholes), so Hex Cougar is automatically my new favorite person.

***also known as "songs I was forced to listen to at summer camp"