Kiiara - Gold

7/01/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Tbh, I have no idea what's going on in this song. Sort of like how I feel when I hear ABBA's songs in Swedish. All I know is it sounds good and I want to listen to it forever. In "Gold," Kiiara (aka hipster Frida Kahlo) has run her human vocals though an electronic chipmunk wood chipper. So basically, imagine Fargo but with rainbows and glitter instead of blood. And A Bushwick apartment instead of the Siberian mid-West. The results are tiny fragments of high pitched vocals, bouncing around for 3 and a half delightful minutes. As for the lyrics? Honestly, they are up to the superfan who attempts to add them to AZLYRICS.COM (***not sponsored*** I'm personally into^^^). I do have some interpreted phrases here tho. They run in order from most-to-least assured of their accurancy:

1. "If you love me never let me go" 97%.

2. "I miss you in the basement" 82%

3. "caught up in my tea" 69%

4. "tastes like money when I speak" 44%
This could appear in this song, or it could be a stray Kanye West quote I picked up.

4. "My roof is on fire and you never let me know" 35%
Well that's a pretty dick move.

Kiiara, if you ever read this please lmk if any of these are right. I feel like since I basically gave myself a test and grade, I need the validation of knowing if I'm right or not.

^^^how else would I know what "American Pie" is about??