Kiiara - Tennessee

7/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Kiiara ur back!!! I am OVERJOYED! Seriously, Bridget thinks the amount I talk about this girl is weird. But I'm not sry at all, because Kiiara is the best. Gold was #1 on the shower playlist for like 17 days. Which next to Swify's Blank Space, is basically unheard of. And now she brings us "Tennessee," an equally worthy jam. Many elements from the first single are present. For example: spliced up vocals, strong percussive beat, warpy synths. Not to mention confusing lyrics. What does "sipping on that Tennessee" mean? I'm pretty sure it's Hennessy. There are also some philosophical musings that are either going straight over my head, or are surely the result of Kiiara's stoned contemplation. Take the following lyrics: "All these pictures on the internet /Burn them up like a cigarette / We just want that real shit / Now you're just a memory" Someone please tell me what this means. Is it about the fleeting nature of fame?! Mostly I am used to hearing songs about fucking bitches, so this is a head-scratcher. I love it.

P.S. that pic is veering dangerously close to American Apparel territory. I'm all about #freethenip but do we have to be so pensive about it.