Kill Them With Colour X Notorious BIG - Roll Wit Em

7/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

First of all, that is maybe the coolest pic ever. I want to frame it and put it on my desk. Or maybe next to my Fleetwood Mac poster. Some tough decisions ahead. While I ponder the Feng shui of the musical artists of my bedroom, let us focus on my favorite mashup of this month, Kill Them With Colour's rework of "Roll Wit Em." KTWC (ugh I really wanted that abbreviation to work out better. Can I buy a vowel?) has captured my heart most recently with "Always Something." If you don't know it, go out in the world and learn. It's my favorite brand of spliced up electronic. Here they employ the same trick, providing a floaty (xylophone infused? help I don't know the instruments) background for Biggie to rap upon. I want to also announce that I believe Notorious B.I.G gets the best treatment from the indie community. No lie, I have yet to hear a bad mashup involving him. All Tupac gets from beyond the grave is an Elton John Contribution lol.***

****I'm only kidding. I CHERISH that song.