LÉON- Tired of Talking

7/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WOW WEEEE WOW. This song is truly a gem. Also I can't help but think that LÉON is the long-lost sister of the Say Lou Lou twinnies (basically on visuals alone. Say Lou Lou has a way more "we popped a bunch of Quaaludes before recording this" vibe. Nonetheless, this chick and the twins both have that "I was teleported to this time from an L.A. beach in the '60's and I have the bone structure of a European supermodel" look going for them). But I dig these funky-meets-fresh-meets-feminism vibes wayyyy more than those of the drugged twins in the dark corner*. The banjo gives me "Don't Wait" by Mapei vibes but honestly maybe that's just because people NVR use banjo in music other than country. BANJO & COWBELL, electronic artists of the world! USE IT. Also props to LÉON for the steel drum... another under used treasure (to see a full list of unappreciated percussions, just listen to Jamie xx's "In Colour". SO many quirky production choices it's amazing!... Not as amazing as "Tired of Talking" though! It even has whistling! Ten points to Gryffindor for that addition, homegirl.

Also guys! I'm learning SO much about keyboard shortcuts! I was too high while starting this post and accidentally wrote the whole damn thing lauding LÈON instead of LÉON, so I learned how to do both an acute and a grave accent!! Fun times. But also... probably should have known that... I did major in Greek** in college and accents are rul prevalent in the language of Europe's deformed baby hand (srsly, WUT is happening over there? There was a Greece snap story that straight up looked like a scene out of Jumanji...).

*"dark corner" aka Australia #duh: Britain's wayyyyy larger and waaaaaay more distant Alcatraz.

**That's not a funny euphemism like "oh I didn't learn anything in my college major, it's basically all Greek to me!". I was a Classical Languages major! It was literally all Greek 2 me! And Latin.... yeah finding that Liberal Arts degree reeeeeally useful in the real world.