Little Giants - Lately (Love, Love, Love)

7/03/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song represents a mashup of my two favorite genres: boy band and house. I mean honestly what could be better. "Lately" specifically feels like a hyrbrid of the Mr. Probz song "Waves" and anything by Years & Years. It's soulful and poppy. Hearing it makes me want to be fourteen*** and simultaneously be at a rave. Which, if you think about it, is pretty horrifying. Ravers should never have braces. For starters, molly would definitely get stuck in those rubber bands. But discussing the minimum age for raving is neither here nor there. Back to "Lately," I want to comment on the very sexual vibes happening here. On a scale of Lance Bass (non-sexual^^^) to Justin Timberlake (veryy sexual), this song is a Michael Jackson (the black years). If I wrote all the lyrics out I think my pants would catch on fire. Exhibit A: "So let's step into the lightning / Gonna set your body free / Only known you for a minute / But it's good enough for me" YAASS. Fuck that eternal love shit, let's be in love for 1 night!! Little Giants, thanks for making the one night stand cool, because guess what, SOME OF US think that's fun too.

***aka the height of my boy band mania. #JoBros4ver

^^^sry if you are offended by this. But I could never date a man who, in 2015, voluntarily HAS FROSTED TIPS. Also this is a moot point because he's married. And I have a vagina.