Major Lazer - Lost (ft. MØ) (Frank Ocean Cover)

7/23/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Before I begin this post, I need to ask one question. Is MØ a face of Nike...? Her tennis skirt is raising a lot of questions for me. Because that would be a real plot twist. Who knew "Just Do It" could refer to Satanic rituals and midnight raves in the forest?!? Not this girl. Nike's keepin up with the youngsters these days. Ok tangent concluded. What I really want to say is this:  these two!!! To use a horrifying term from Tumblr, I "ship" it. MØ and Major Lazer are proving to be the best musical pairing since ____ (insert 2 people u like. I want to use Sonny & Cher but I feel like that could be controversial). "Lean On" is one of the best songs of the summer, and now this magical rendition of Frank Ocean's "Lost." I admit, I would be happy if anyone at all covered this. Demi Lovato? Sure. James Blunt? I would probably still cry. But Mr. Lazer and MØ bring great energy to this track*** The island vibes are so strong I could probably be struck by a falling coconut in my own apartment. Plus, MØ brings a worldly vibe that makes the lyrics feel more authentic. When she sings "Los Angeles/India/Tokyo/Spain/ lalaaaaaa" I believe she's actually been there. When Frank Ocean sings that, I beleive he follows EarthPix on Instagram.

***typing that sentence makes me feel like Quincy Jones fyi.