Otto Knows- Next To Me

7/17/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I didn't think Otto Knows could top himself after "Million Voices" and, honestly, he hasn't. Million Voices is a fucking collegiate anthem and I will forever hold it near and dear in my heart right next to my other senior year obsessions like that cute dog that used to wander my college campus. Or cocaine.

Don't get me wrong, though, "Next To Me" is still an amazing, string-studded hidden gem of a track. Simon Strömstedt lends his velvety vocals to the progressive house ditty and it's sweeping melodies and borderline-dance-floor beat makes this the ultimate late-summer soundtrack addition. Also, while researching for this post, I stumbled across Otto's wiki page. Under his "associated acts" section it reads: "Tim Berg, Oliver Ingrosso, Alesso, Britney Spears, Sebastian Ingrosso, Don Diablo". Which means it's time for my favorite games: one of these things is MOST DEFINITELY not like the others (hint: the answer also holds the record for shortest celebrity marriage of all time. Kim Kardashian can't break that record no matter how many losers she marries*). However, as odd as Britney's inclusion in that list seems, it lead me to discover the biggest PLOT TWIST of 2015 thus far: Otto Knows co-wrote and produced "Work Bitch". WHO KNEW?! (probably everyone but me #worstmusicbloggerever). This nugget of knowledge makes me lol hysterically. To think that a guy who can't even claim English as his first language was just sitting at his desk writing "You want a hot body? You better wErK BiiiiiOTCHHH!" is too good an image in my brain.

P.S. Does Mr. Knows look BLAZED OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND in the accompanying picture or is it just my eyes?

*Basketball sucks and Kanye is straight up a LOSER ppl! Anyone who says shit like "I am the greatest rock star on the planet" or "we all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it" has a 0% chance of eating lunch at the cool kids table IMO.