Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend (Thero & Taylor Wise Remix)(ft. Allison Weiss)

7/05/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I didn't think Frankie's "Problems, Problems" could get any more sugary and summery but Thero accomplished this with his remix back in March. And he does it again with his most recent rework of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend". We all know Robyn: She's spunky, her hair is so platinum I've heard she has legally blinded 4 people in Britain with it, AND she rocks cropped-sweaters which, rumor has it, are made from the same fabric as that magical, furry wall from Get Him to the Greek (Robyn, if ur reading this pLz tell me where I can purchase one of these amazing pygmy-puff sweaters! ty ty).

But Thero takes the original track for which Robyn has become so known for and reworks it in all the right ways. His additions are spot-on, from the soulful sax during the bridges to the glittery, thumping synth throughout. Also, I honestly don't think I've gotten so emotional from string-accompaniment in a song since I saw the final audition scene from Save The Last Dance for the first time (THAT ROUTINE ROCKED. Also, lol... #tbt to when Julia Stiles was an A-List celeb. Now she can't even turn her recurring guest role on Mindy into a supporting cast character). Although my over emotional reaction to this remix could also be a result of other factors besides the saccadic strings:

1. It is HOT AS BALLS in NYC and my apt has NO AC. So perhaps the heat has finally gotten to me and the control I once held over my emotions has fallen to complete and utter shit

2. Or perhaps I get teary-eyed listening to this because I subconsciously get major flashbacks to the Lennon and Maisy version. Sure, it's considered lame to have your celeb icon be someone younger than you, but MAISY STELLA U R MY IDOL, 1999 birthdate and all!