Sandra Lyng- Play My Drum

7/27/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The 27% of me that is a Pitchfork-level music snob h8s this. HOWEVER, the 4% of me that is European club rat hears it and wants to immediately take tequila shots until I'm drunk enough to think that heels are the move 2night (aka blackout status). The sax. The synth. Even the strumming guitar in the beginning. Everything's working in a sort of formulaic housey-pop kind of way. Which publicly abhors me (k, maybe like 35% music snob). Secretly, though, cliche, sugary pop songs are my absolute favorite genre of music. THATS Y THE SWEDISH TOP 50 FUCKING ROCKS, ALCOHOL LOVERS. It's just one solid dance jam after another. Sure you get the occasionally song that is solely Danish/ Swedish/ Norwegian/ Finnish/ did I fucking get all of Scandinavia covered yet*? But THAT'S Y WE HAVE THE SKIP BUTTON PPL! That and A.D.H.D. probs.

*(can u guys just form 1 music-centric country already? Is there really any significant difference between Norway and Finland? I see none. And together u would rule the music world. Like a country of only ABBAs)

P.S. I took this girl seriously until I looked up a pic to post with this write up. I'm confused cause I thought she was a cool Norwegian hipster or a velvety-vocaled Viking or something but all the images of her just look like her promo photos for Bachelor in Paradise. But, w/e, maybe she will hook up with Jared who also went now that he has returned his patchy facial hair to his 14-year old cousin. ANYONE is better than Krazy-ass Claire**.

** I guess I have completely given up on the notion that boys read this blog. If so, sry for my Bachelor themed rants but I can also assure you they probably won't stop #srynotsry #BenH4Bachelor #okayillstopnow)