the bird and the bee- Los Angeles

7/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

FUCK MY PALE SKIN AND OVERACTIVE SWEAT GLANDS, I'M MOVING TO LA!! "Los Angeles" can only be described as the sound of happiness and its warm, ambient synth convinces me that la-la-land is only full of sunshine and smiles! The song has basically persuaded me to the point that I'm ready to uplift everything, pull a Lewis (or a Clark?) and head out west! Okay, well maybe the fact that Cochella is held there and that it is the only place in the U.S. to get a CHURRO-ICE-CREAM-SANDWICH also makes my decision crystal. fucking. clear.

Also, this chick sounds like Imogen Heap #inagoodway. You know, without the innate I'm-in-a-glass-case-of-emotion-undertones that plague every emo-inch I.H. tracks. Not only do both Imogen and this Inara have  fantastic, I-initiated names, but they both also warble like how I imagine Celestina Warbeck would, aka their vocals sound literally magical (or I just got too stoned before writing this post...).

P.S. rumor is that the cover art is some modernist's attempt at an advertisement for HBO's "7 Days in Hell". His creativity was immediately rejected by the bigwig execs, however, and he tossed his work aside, where The Bird and the Bee, being the leetle hipster-LA* duo that they are, picked it up from the dumpster decided to use it for their album art**.

*I mean, just look at their promo photo above: you can tell by their all-white attire that they are playing croquet ironically and it doesn't get much more hipster than playing croquet or polo ironically

**none of the above is true, but I like making conspiracy theories, so sprrrrrread it!! While ur at it, spread the conspiracy that flight MH 370 is actually in Putin's basement. That's a fun one too!