White Panda Spotlight - Try Madness/Reflection Stone

7/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

To be honest, I have not thought about the White Panda since they visited my college in 2011. Everyone was desperate to hang out with them, but then we realized artists who make mashups are 1 degree away from the annoying drunk girl at a house party who plays 5 songs in the span of 3 minutes. Aka ME. Also the "mashup" as an art form seemed pretty dead to me. Like, Girl Talk was probably the most successful of those dudes, and I imagine he's homeless somewhere, yelling about how his 2006 Bonnaroo set was legendary. But out of nowhere, I heard 2 White Panda "songs" in a row, and I loved both of them. One successfully makes Misterwives "Reflections" tolerable (I know I'm the only person in the universe who hates this song. I admit there's something wrong with me.), and the other throws a poppy hip hop hook over..Muse? If I'm going to listen to a mashup, it needs to be unexpected, and the White Panda dudes are bringing that 1000%. The two songs also fit very seamlessly together. To the point where I feel Kygo and Misterwives should be hooking up. White Panda, you are the ultimate matchmaker. Yente of the music industry. Sorry for doubting ur abilities in my youth.