Wolf Alice - Bros

7/08/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Oooo yeah Wolf Alice blowin up rN. I cannot say I am surprised. Once Topshop gets behind you as a musical artist, you are basically homefree***. That might seem sarcastic, but Topshop plays the best music of any store I have ever been in and that is the truth people. Oh also Hollister. I stand by that. Anyways, "Bros" doesn't really sound like the other Wolf Alice music (grungy aF and loved by NME), but I'm posting it anyways. It's breezy and makes me want to ride bikes. I love the reverby backing vocals. Also, I need Wolf Alice to give me more narrative in this story. Is it about best friends? Is it about BFFs that are in love with each other? Is it about 2 BFFs, and one is in love and the other has no idea?!? I think I've been listening to too much Taylor Swift guys, because there are like 5 lines in this song, and all of a sudden I have crafted a full blown rom-com out of it. #single #help

***my reason for making this comment is I saw one Topshop insta from Glastonbury discussing Wolf Alice. That counts right?