XYLØ - Afterlife

7/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

XYLØ fast becoming my fav new Los Angeles people. And I like a LOT of LA artists, so I mean business with that statement. At this point, they've definitely zoomed by London Grammar in my favorites. #byehaters. And "Afterlife" might be the best single dropped so far. It's weird and morbid. That interpretation might sound like a diss, but I love Edgar Allan Poe and graveyards so this shit is right up my alley***. Exhibit A: "I'm waiting for the afterlife / Just show me a good time, baby / somebody save me / I just wanna be loved." I'm reading that as: "The world is so horrible that I would prefer to die unless someone decent happens by"     ....oh is that just me? Regardless of what this song really means, I love it. Unless you tell me it's about the evils of commercialism complete with Greek tragedy metaphors. Then I will throw up. Also random final note, the creepy lady vocals in the opening bars take this to next level. Bye.

***Plz know, I once told my mom that my favorite house in our town was a decrepit 1800s home next to the graveyard, and to this day she believes she gave birth to Rosemary's baby #shedid