Zara Larsson- Lush Life

7/16/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

SMH THIS GIRL IS SEVENTEEN-YEARS-YOUNG. When I was 17 I was doing idiotic shit like mixing tequila, vodka and gin all in one vomit-inducing concoction. When I was 17, I was PAYING MONEY to go to multiple DMB concerts within the span of a year. That's how insanely moronic seventeen-yr-old me was. Meanwhile, over in Sweden, Zara Larsson spends her teen years producing amazing, catchy ditties and building a pretty legit pop-star resume. First she gave us the sugary, summery "Uncover" and now she returns with her most recent single, "Lush Life". I can only describe Larsson's vocals in her newest track as having "Rihanna undertones". An odd AF observation, but true nonetheless. And props must be given up to Zara for her vocal metamorphosis. She's a blonde, Scandanavian girl who straight up sounds like a Barbadian KWEEEEN when she sings. I WISH that was my reality. Too bad when I try to sing I'm a ginger American who sounds like a Drag KWEEEEN just kicked in her scotch-taped nutsack. (Again, an odd AF observation, but I assure you, true nonetheless). Veering back from my (literally) ballsy tangent, The whole track is kind of like a more modern, more bearable "Summer Nights" if Danny and Sandy had actually gotten it on during their summer tete-a-tete. "Lush Life" has all the sentiment of the 1972 classic without the accompanying siren screams from the Pink-Lady-Peanut-Gallery (maybe Sandy would tell you more, tell you more if you SHUT DA FUQ UP and let her finish her story, Frenchyyyyy.)