Afrojack- SummerThing!

7/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Guess who's BACK!? Afrojack*! Who drunk-me refers to as "apple jacks" (#ewps?), slurring the cereal like I'm David after the dentist. Although, tbf, my brain is usually working too hard to keep my essential organs functioning to handle trivial tasks like remembered the name of that guy who produced "Take Over Control". But also, apple jack is like a dope name for a pair of DJs from NYC both named jack. Just saying'.

Mike Taylor's groovy, electric vocals perfectly accompany the summertime-in-LA-in-the-70's vibes that ooze from the beginning of this track. Ultimately, the drop is disappointing. Isn't every drop kinda disappointing, tho? It's like, oh great, another saxophone solo. What's that? Oh, more bass that rattles the dance floor so hard that I eat shit in the heels I'm pathetically trying to dance in? Fan-fucking-tastic. This song switches from Uptown Funk to 2001: A Space Odyssey so fast it should be on a Carrie-from-Homeland level of mood stabilizers. But, ultimately, the song has a swoon-worthy front-man and some rul funky, vintage guitar. Also, I like your overall vibes as an artist, Afrojack, so I'll give you a solid B+ for the jam. U get a D- for ur chinstrap facial hair though...

*rewading 10 points for Slytherin to myself for that rocking rhyme**

**& 5 for that alliteration