Alessia Cara- Seventeen

8/28/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Well, Alessia picks a stellar age to sing about. She shares the number with absolute music KWEEEEENS Stevie Nicks and ABBA*!! Hallowed company, homegirl. Nice choice. Alessia's newest single basically captures the essence of what it's like to be seventeen (minus the 100 thousand hours of college apps**.) That floating, minimal hook is perfection and Ms. Cara's rapsy vocals and ambient harmonies ain't bad either. Plus that beating-heart backbeat makes me feel like I'm watching that Denny and Izzy scene from Grey's Anatomy all over again (DON'T EVEN PRETEND THAT YOU DON'T KNOW EXACTLY THE MOMENT TO WHICH I'M REFERRING). I feel like "Seventeen" would play at the end of like a shitty Disney Channel remake of "Pretty in Pink". That's not meant as an insult to u, Alessia, i swear! I mean, don't get me wrong, the movie is shitty, like Go Figure shitty, but your song is the silver lining and shining star of the "film". (aka u are the Kristi Yamuguchi cameo equivalent.) For anyone who bore with me thru that entire metaphor #godblessyou #ugetme #ily.

*Coincidentally both of these acts had crazy CRAZY behind-the-scenes drama. So what's ur dark secret, Alessia?? Did you sleep with the grandpa of ur drummer? Are u addicted to snorting laundry detergent? There must be something, there's already a pattern going with ppl who wanna go back to being 17 here......

**why do all songwriters omit this grueling task every seventeen year old goes through? Can I get a soulful ballad about the emotional, inner-turmoil that occurs when you've guessed four D's in a row on an SAT? up in hereeee!?! pLz & thanku! #23 #andstillbitter.