Asta - Dynamite (ft. Allday)

8/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Within the first play, "Dynamite" had zoomed up to #2 on my "Top Ranking Songs Called Dynamite" list***." This sounds like an easy feat, but there are shocking number of songs with that title. Why, I could not say. I mean, I guess it's considered a sexy euphemism for explosive love and passion, but how many songs do you hear featuring other construction vocabulary? "This next one's called JackHammer!" ....said no one. I rest my case. Anyways, this collab between two Aussies pretty great. There are few things better than a rapper and a catchy pop hook. I have some questions though. Has Asta given up her musical identity in pursuit of radio superstardom? Because the two other singles I heard sound like peppier Zola Jesus. And "Dynamite" sounds like The Knocks. Just saying, if I were to Genius myself a playlist on Itunes, and those 2 artists ended up on the same page I would most definitely be contacting customer services. Ultimately I don't care what kind of sound Asta is putting out there, but it definitely makes me wonder what kind of business meetings are happening at record labels.

Random tidbit: There was an interview with Allday where he was asked if he fancied himself "the Australian Drake." He fumbled and started throwing out random American rapper names. I feel for the dude. I mean WHAT!? Allday, I'll say it for you: you sound literally nothing like Drake. You're welcome.

***Sorry Asta but no one beats Taio Cruz. An anthem for all generations.