Doe Paoro - Nostalgia

8/13/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This girl has been simmering on the indie back-burner for awhile. I am familiar with Doe Paoro because of her creepy/amazing song "Born Whole," released in 2012. I feel that song could have sound-tracked a Faulkner adaptation. You know, one where a lot of fucked up shit happens. #allofthem. Anyways, I was delighted when she popped up again on my newsfeed with "Nostalgia." Someone is gunning for some (Sirius alternative) radio play! Nah but for real, this is a poppier vibe than what I would expect. Obviously I love it. The narrative is also pretty hilarious. Doe P. probably intended it as a heartfelt plea to her nostalgia obsessed bofo, but all I can think of when I listen to this is ...BUZZFEED. Take for example, the following: "I wish you could see / your history is chaining / we could let go / and never lose / nostalgia is killing us." When I hear that, I can only think of headlines such as "25 Ways Colored Ketchup Was On Fleek." Or "Which Cruel Intentions Character Should You Have Sex With?" Or "13 Times NOW 7 Saved Your Life." Oh nostalgia, you have trapped me. I want to be forward thinking, but all I can do is obsess about how Ryan & Marisa were perfect for each other. This whole thing is also ironic, because the production on this is straight 80s. Doe Paoro, u are sly and cool. We await your next release.