Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

7/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

When I hear this, I feel like I'm in Miami Vice. I mean, I never saw it, but I'm trusting my vague understanding of 80s culture to tell me this is accurate. And seeing as this song is titled "Ocean Drive," I assume Duke Dumont intended for this vibe. There are white tuxedos, tequila sunrises, and cocaine practically dripping through the speakers. All that's missing is a Ferrari and a gun. So basically, the Bieber version of "Welcome to Miami." Or maybe I'm just projecting. Regardless of what DD's intentions were when he crafted this, I feel this song would also be perfect to soundtrack the biopic of a famous DJ. Aka when they make a Lifetime movie about the tragic love story of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift,** this song can play when they first lock eyes across the green room of the Grammys. Or Ellen. Whatever. Calvin will already know he's doomed, but Swifty's Voodoo Vagina^^^ has already sucked him in!! Sidenote, I feel like 87% of my posts discuss either Taylor Swift or Calvin Harris. They should probably look into a restraining order.

**does anyone see this heading in any other direction?

^^ this is a medical term that can be applied to many females. Namely, my friend who wears only sweatpants and and disinterest for the world, and still hooks more dudes than Gigi Hadid.