Harrison Brome - Midnight Island

8/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I feel like Harrison Brome is what could have happened to Michael Buble had he discovered Nirvana at age 10 instead of Tony Bennett. But according to Wiki, when Mikey was a teenager he "slept with his Bible and prayed to become a singer," so we knew that was never going to happen.*** I don't mean that Harrison Brome sounds like Nirvana, I just feel like people who grow up to be cool musicians probably listened to Kurt Cobain at some point. Even if they didn't like it, they definitely pretended to. And I do think he has a smooth quality to his voice reminiscent of M.B. It's very self-assured. Anyways, this is ultimately a very cracked out way of expressing love for "Midnight Island." The production is silky smooth, and the vibes are lazy summer good. Lyrically, I also like what Harrison Brome^^^ is serving. Take for example, "I want to feel the bliss that I deserve." That's very Donna from Parks and Rec of you H.B. Treat Yoself!! If following your bliss is venturing to a tropical island, more power to you. Tunes For Loons looks forward to your next single sir.

***I don't even know if I believe this. Maybe a crazy Catholic woman curated Michael Buble's wiki page. Let us hope.

^^^Harrison Brome feels like a name where you use both words. Like Mike Wazowski.