Jess Glynne- Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

8/11/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I feel I should take this album art and frame it in my room as a motivational poster. Not only does it convey the reminder to not be so hard on myself, but it also represents the endgame to some serious #lifegoals of mine like applying eyeliner without smudging or taming my unruly, curly hair. Her eyeliner is legitimately flawless (sry but I refuse to use the trending term at the moment: "on fleek") and the styling of her hair looks so velvety and luxurious! Whereas whenever I let my ginger mane go curly I look halfway between Bernadette Peters and Shawn White. But that's a topic for another time (mainly Halloween time. Yah know, when it's okay to look like Ronald McDonald with a serious case of bed-head.)

If you couldn't tell by the fact that I'm ready to frame her album art above my bed, Jess Glynne can do no wrong in my eyes. She produces one amazing single after the other and each one somehow manages to be even more infectious than the last. She does amazing collabs (do I even need to mention the sugary, symphonic perfection that is "Rather Be"?) and her powerhouse voice is unparalleled. The only person who even holds a candle to Glynne's vocals out there right now is Ella Eyre. Maybe it's the frizzy hair?! Although, I don't know if that rule stands because, like mentioned above, I'm a curl-girl and I really don't think I'd label my voice as a "powerhouse". I would label it more as "Seal-Like".... seal the animal, not the singer, unfortunately :( . Also shout-out to "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself"'s effervescent house piano. That thing is so upbeat I want to pound vodka until I make decisions I regret the next morning lying in bed. 'Cause then I can just look at my Jess Glynne motivational poster and remember to not be so hard on myself and my regret will be gone!! (It's like how Gob from Arrested Development takes a Forget-Me-Now every morning... 'cept like the G-rated, non-drug-abuse version of that).