Kwamie Liv - Pleasure This Pain (ft. Angel Haze)

8/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Kwamie, you are so pretty. You are very blessed that you look like a super model, because that name would be impossible to pull off if you were anything besides a 10. If I was named Kwamie, people would probably throw rocks at me and yell "troll in the dungeon." But enough about me, let us discuss this beautiful collab with Angel Haze. This is great. You guys compliment each other really well, and the laid back production lets the vocals breatheeee. The bass sounds like a heartbeat, which feels intimate and appropriate. They are singing about their baggage!! ("Can you love me despite the cracks??") Which, props to Kwamie and Angel Haze for being mysterious about what's wrong with them. If I was steering the discussion on this song, half the lyrics would be about drunkenly peeing on my floor^^^ and having no soul. To comment on the more famous person on this song, I've concluded Angel Haze works best in a more emotionally exposed setting. While I also love her "possibly might set you on fire" delivery (aka absolute banger I Own It) last year's "Candles" was my favorite.

^^^it only counts if you remember it.