Midnight To Monaco- Suicide

8/14/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This is Green Day meets Pitch Perfect. Like it's what Green Day would sound like they stopped producing content targeted at depressed 13 year olds* and formed a doo-wop electronica group instead #inagoodway. Except for the fact that it is technically about suicide, this is the perfect upbeat car-with-the-top-down song. The saturated harmonies kept me from pressing the skip button and the duphonic synth layered underneath had me permanently pressing the repeat button 4 dayyyys. Oh, and i'm literally gr00ving so hard to that funky, punchy bass line. Honestly, the best I've encountered since "Uptown Funk" no lie. But I am literally so confused, M2M: Did you hire the same portrait artist that did the infamous Kramer piece for your cover art? Their stylistic similarities are undeniable. (and ppl said that Art History minor was superfluous. FUCK U, SCIENCE)

*I'm v. ashamed of how often I listened to Boulevard of Broken Dreams in middle school -__-.